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What should be Written in Contract Drafting

  1. TITLE

The  title  should  reflect  the  subject  matter  of  the  transaction  and,  if  appropriate,  the parties.


  • License Agreement;
  • Joint Venture Agreement;
  • Franchise Agreement;
  • Buy-sell Agreement
  • Etc.


Most  transaction  agreements  begin  with  some  form  of  a  preamble  that  identifies  the purpose  of  the  document  and  describes  the  transaction,  the  intent  of  the  parties  and any  assumed  facts  underlying  the  transaction.    The  preamble  identifies  the  parties and  the  date  of  the  transaction  as  well  as  the  nature  of  the  transaction.  In  many contracts,  this  appear  as  the  “whereas”  section,  in  which  all  of  the  statements  begin with that term. Baca lebih lanjut

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How to Make a Contract, Including Explanation of Obligations in Contract Law

There are 5 stages of making contract:

  1. Offer;
  2. Acceptance;
  3. Considerations;
  4. Drafting Activity;
  5. Sign the contract.

On this article, I will explain you all.

  1. OFFER

An offer is an invitation to make a contract. There are 2 parties when offering prosess in making contract:

  • Offeror – The party who makes an offer to enter into a contract
  • Offeree – The party to whom an offer to enter into a contract is made. Offeree has the power to accept the offer and create a contract

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Theory of Contract


Law of contracts affects all aspects of daily life. Contracts are the basis of many of our daily activities. They provide the means for individuals and businesses to sell and otherwise transfer property, services, and other rights. Without enforceable contracts, commerce would collapse.

There are 2 kinds of contract:

  1. Commercial Law Contracts:  having to do with commerce.
  2. Common Law Contracts:  derived from the judgments and decrees of courts.

What is definition of contract?  Contract is “an agreement with specific terms between two or more persons or entities in which there is a promise to do something in return for a valuable benefit known as consideration.” If one party fails to perform as promised, the other party can use the court system to enforce the contract and recover damages or other remedy. Baca lebih lanjut

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Example of Joint Venture Agreement

Example of agreement:



A joint venture is a mechanism by which two or more entities can combine to do business together without the formality and commitment involved in forming a partnership or other similar entity. Below is a sample of a joint venture agreement.




THIS AGREEMENT is made as of the 10th day of March, 2016, by and between:

  1. Mr. Erlend (37 years old), entrepreneur, residing at Jalan Yos Sudarso Kodamar Number 30, North Jakarta, (hereinafter refered to as First Party),
  2. Ms. Lisa (25 years old), entrepreneur, residing at Jalan Sunter Permai Raya Number 12, North Jakarta, (hereinafter refered to as Second Party).

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How to Establish a Company in Indonesia


When you are going to set up a company. There are stages of establish a company in Indonesia:

  1. Choose the form of business organization
  2. Choose name of company
  3. Making Authentic Deed
  4. Published to the court
  5. For Limited Liability Company or Perseroan Terbatas (Indonesian name), must get legality of Law Ministry
  6. Get Business License / SIUP (Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan)
  7. Get sign of Company Registration / TDP (Tanda Daftar Perusahaan)
  8. Brand registration / Intellectual Property Registration (NOT MANDATORY)
  9. Get Tax ID Number / NPWP (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak).

Below I will explain all of them. Baca lebih lanjut

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Example of Authentic Deed for Establish a Company


Agreement of Establish Company



Article 1

THIS AGREEMENT is made as of the 09th day of  June, 2016, by and between:

  1. …………… (….. years old), entrepreneur, residing at ……………………………………………, (hereinafter refered to as First Party or ………………. PARTNER),
  2. …………….. (…… years old), entrepreneur, residing at ……………………………………………, (hereinafter refered to as Second Party OR ………………. PARTNER),
  3. …………….. (…… years old), entrepreneur, residing at ……………………………………………, (hereinafter refered to asThird Party or ………………… PARTNER),


This agreement was made in front of NOTARY, in the presence of witnesses Notary know and will be mentioned at the end of this deed:

……………………….. (…… years old), Notary, residing at ……………………………………………………………………………………………………, Baca lebih lanjut

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Form of Business Organizations in the World and in Indonesia

One of the most important decisions made by a person beginning a business is choosing a FORM OF BUSINESS. This decision is important because the business owner’s liability and control of the business vary greatly among the many forms of business. In addition, some business forms offer significant tax advantages to their owners.

Although other forms of business exist, usually a person starting a business will wish to organize the business as a: (Jane P. Mallor dkk, ~Business Law and the Regulatory Environtment, Introduction to Froms of Business and Formation of Partnership, page 744 – 750 )

  1. Sole Proprietorship;
  2. General Partnership;
  3. Limited Partnership;
  4. Limited Liability Partnership;
  5. Corporation;
  6. Limited Liability Company.
  7. Franshice

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Kerangka Pemikiran Lahirnya Universitas-Universitas Asing di Indonesia serta Pengaturannya dalam Peraturan Perundang-Undangan Domestik dan GATS

       Globalisasi yang mewarnai sistem internasional saat ini telah pula menciptakan interaksi yang intensif antara Indonesia dengan masyarakat internasional bukan hanya antarpemerintah tetapi juga antarindividu, interaksi ini akan mengakibatkan meningkatkan persentuhan-persentuhan hukum antara Indonesia dengan negara-negara lainnya dan bahkan dalam tingkat tertentu akan menimbulkan tumpang tindih antara hukum internasional termasuk perjanjian internasional dengan hukum nasional.[1] Dengan fenomena ini, maka cepat atau lambat, publik hukum Indonesia di semua lini harus bersentuhan dengan semua perjanjian internasional dan akan semakin menepis anggapan bahwa hukum perjanjian internasional hanya milik diplomat saja.[2]

     Pada era globalisasi ini, interaksi dan intensitas hubungan antarnegara telah semakin meningkat yang antara lain ditandai pula dengan dicapainya berbagai kesepakatan kerja sama baik yang bersifat bilateral, regional dan multilateral.

       Berbagai kesepakatan tersebut lazimnya dituangkan dalam bentuk perjanjian internasional yang meliputi berbagai bidang, termasuk politik, ekonomi, perdagangan, hukum, pertanahan, sosial budaya dan lain sebagainya.[3]  Perjanjian internasional merupakan sumber hukum terpenting hukum ekonomi internasional, masyarakat internasional umumnya menempuh cara pembentukan perjanjian untuk menciptakan hak dan kewajiban dalam hubungan-hubungan ekonomi internasional.[4] Perjanjian internasional pula yang digunakan untuk meningkatkan pertumbuhan (hubungan) ekonomi negara-negara.[5] Baca lebih lanjut

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Pengaturan Perdagangan Jasa dalam GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Service)

       Negara layaknya manusia, tidak dapat memenuhi kebutuhannya sendiri melainkan memerlukan manusia lainnya. Untuk memenuhi kebutuhan bangsanya, setiap negara memerlukan interaksi dengan negara lain karena sebuah negara mempunyai keterbatasan dalam memenuhi segala kebutuhannya. Hal ini disebabkan pembagian kekayaan alam dan perkembangan industri yang tidak merata di dunia.

       Negara-negara dalam suatu masyarakat internasional menjalin hubungan kerja sama satu sama lain secara timbal balik sehingga tercipta adanya saling ketergantungan satu sama lain.[1] Setiap negara dituntut untuk mampu melakukan komunikasi antarnegara secara tepat dan membina hubungan internasional yang kondusif serta menguntungkan bagi negaranya. Salah satu bentuk hubungan kerja sama tersebut adalah hubungan perdagangan internasional.

       Secara teori, perdagangan internasional ini bertujuan untuk mendapatkan gains from trade (keuntungan dari perdagangan), meningkatkan pendapatan dan menurunkan biaya.[2] Negara-negara dalam masyarakat Internasional akan saling mendapat keuntungan dengan adanya perdagangan internasional tersebut seperti memperoleh barang yang tidak diproduksi dalam negeri, memperluas pasar dan memperoleh manfaat dari spesialisasi perdagangan. Baca lebih lanjut

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Pluses and Minuses for Indonesia in Deciding Whether to Ratify the Madrid Protocol Concerning the International Registration of Trade Mark


 A.   Context of Study.

       Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is a property that is within the scope of technology, science, art or literature.[1] Ownership is not the goods but the result of human intellectual abilities, such as an idea. At first the creativity of humans or human creativity as well as a form of business or results of creative human or human effort distributed or transmitted to others simply as a way of worship so that everyone can use or wear it even marketed production results using the findings granted.

      But in the development of intellectual property, if the work of human creativity is the result of intellectual work is being caused by business activities or objects, seen from a sense of justice and respect for the creative works of human invention, it is less in place. This is understandable because for intellectual work is the inventor or creator have sacrificed their time, energy and thoughts, and do not cost a comparatively few in number. Therefore, in the development of a perceived need for legal protection of the intellectual works.

      There are two main of economic objectives of Intellectual Property protection system. The first is to promote investments in knowledge creation and business innovation by establishing exclusive rights to use and sell newly developed technologies, goods, and services.[2] The second goal is to promote widespread dissemination of new knowledge by encouraging rights holders to place their inventions and ideas on the market.[3] Baca lebih lanjut

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